Bringning to bear world class innovation to complex problems

ForeGround focuses on high impact economic development initiative as well as crisis resolution of the most complex challenges through innovation in the public sector.


In both the public and private sectors, we converge enterprise architecture, business intelligence and product innovation to help our clients foresee looming problems before they happen, identify the next big opportunity, and stay ahead of the curve through self-disruption.



Energy Risk Management

ForeGround is developing cyber-physical energy exchange products that aim to eliminate risks involved in the trade of energy commodities, while simultaneously deploying end to end enterprise architecture to facilitate an innovative and seamless exchange process. This product includes novel innovations on FOB destination product testing, verification, and payment solutions. 

Service Delivery Innovation

ForeGround is currently developing an innovative and comprehensive enterprise architecture solution to public sector procurement, service delivery, and payment systems. The product incorporates various risk management and implementation tools that include seamless planning, implementation, stakeholder-integrity, and regulatory compliance as a unified value offering for the public sector.